Every Tool Is Weapon If You Hold It Right

Bruce Barnett

There are thousands of ways to attack an embedded system, and hundreds of possible tools, once you understand the attack surface. This talk will provide an introduction to the different possible attack approaches, how to find the attack surfaces, and what type of tool you need to identify, comprehend, and attack the device. We will discuss many popular tools, and recommend tools for those on a budget. If you want to construct a toolchest for attacking embedded devices, this overview will help you.


Lightning Talks


Come to the Hardware Hacking Village and give your own 5 minute talk about hardware hacking and related topics! Registration is at the village, and is first come first serve. Lightning talks are usually unpredictable, diverse, and can give you the bleeding edge insight into community members projects, topics of expertise, and random crazy thoughts. 


Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Bruce Barnett

This is an introductory talk on Software Defined Radios. We discuss the history and evolution of this essential hacking technique. We discuss the basics for software installation, choosing the right device antennas, and an indroduction to basic programs used.



Soldering 101 Workshop

Jennifer Allen / Bruce Barnett

Learn to solder and try out this basic hardware skill at the ANYCon HHV soldering stations! We'll have one presentation per day with handouts, but the stations are open all day. Drop in and learn step one of hardware hacking!


ESP8266 & MicroPython - Covert IoT FTW!

Jennifer Allen

Learn how to take exploitation one step farther with ESP and MicroPython in this workshop implementing covert exfiltration code from the DIY Spy talk; introduces participants from start to finish implementing MicroPython on the ESP01 package of the ESP8266. See the sign-up for a seat that includes hardware, but if you miss registration, you can listen in for steps to purchase this widely available wireless minature with a bite.

Limited seats/$20 for kit - Requires Registration