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First Come First Served

If you register and a seat is available, you will receive a confirmation code (these are human reviewed, so patience is key) by the email provided. If your day is filled, you will be emailed with the option to be on the waiting list or register on the alternate day. If all seats are filled, you will automatically be entered into the waiting list. We will do our best to size/resize the workshops based on interest, so please register early.


"ESP8266 & MicroPython - Covert IoT FTW!"

10 Seat Limit - Register for Seat: $20 USD (paid at Village, 1 hr prior to workshop)

Registrations will be processed at the Village before the workshop. Please show up an hour before the workshop with the registration fee in CASH ONLY. Please fill out the below form to reserve your space. If you register and do not show up an hour before the event, your seat may be sold to another registrant in the list, so please show up to get your kit and seat!