Welcome to the ANYCon Hardware Hacking Village


Welcome to the 1st annual ANYCon Hardware Hacking Village! The village aims to educate, inspire, share knowledge and welcome newcomers to the hardware hacking scene.

We are currently accepting CFP and CFW submissions, as well as volunteers! All presenters and volunteers receive a free entrance to the conference. 

ANYCon 2017

The Hardware Hacking Village will be located <to be announced>. 

Register for Workshops

All workshops are open for spectators, but a few workshops may be best enjoyed with associated hardware or equipment. Since we can't provide hardware to everyone (we'd love to!), we've setup a limited seat count for full participation. If you don't get a seat in a workshop, don't worry - you can still come to watch the presentation, find out how to get your own hardware, and enjoy learning something new.

ESP8266 & MicroPython - Covert IoT FTW!

Hardware Hacking

Resources for learning hardware hacking, and links from workshops and talks in the village.